The Process

Apply. Attend. Graduate.

A unique and powerful 5-pronged approach to total health and transformation of the body, mind, heart and soul. We believe all aspects of health are interconnected; so our retreat takes a holistic approach to healing the body. Through 21 days of physical detox, education, physical activity, spirituality, and play, your body will experience a cleansing rejuvenation like never before.

1. Apply

We Need To Know Your Committed

People get vetted, they get approved to come there, now the fun starts. So, prior to getting there, we’re going to request a blood test, heavy metals test. We’re going to give some testing, some mental testing, some emotional testing. We’re going to look at your doctor’s records. So, we’re going to do a big evaluation of who you are before you even get there. We really want to know, and I’m going to send you my book, ‘The Creation Frequency’. I’m going to send you my online course. I’m going to encourage you to, when you show up, to come with at least 1 intention already written out for what you want to accomplish those 3 weeks. And then we have a free app, and we’re going to ask you to record it. And then my job the whole 3 weeks is to work with you to create intentions for every aspect of your life, every part of your life, from relationships, to your financial, to your career, to your health, your family.

And so, but I really encouraged everybody show up with one. So, we’re going to do a lot of work prior to you arriving there. And when you get there, we’re going to hit the ground running. We’re not going to waste any time. We’re going to pour everything we have into your life and making your life everything you want it to be.

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2. Arriving in colombia

We're Going To Hit The Ground Running

First of all, we’re going to pick you up at the airport. Mountains of Hope is 10 minutes from the airport. So, we’re going to drive you there. And when you get there, of course, we’re going to show you around, get you comfortable. But one of the first things we’re going to do is we’re going to prick your finger and draw a little blood, just 1 little drop of blood. And then we’re going to put it on our microscope, and you’re going to get to see your cells in your bloodstream, what’s going on, how they move, how they’re shaped. Are they clustered together? You’re going to be able to see toxicity in your bloodstream. You’re going to be able to see Candida. You’re going to be able to see damaged cells. And so, the first time you’re going to say, “Whoa, there’s a lot going on in my body.” So, we want to open your mind.

The other thing is, for those that want it, we have one of the best dry blood cell doctor analysis in the world. And so, people that want to, we can arrange a consult. He can take 1 drop of blood, and we send it to him and he looks under a microscope in the center is the center of your body, and the outside of that drop is your skin. And he can see where there’s problems, issues in your body looking at 1 drop of blood. That’s how dynamic this system is that we use.

We’re going to take a picture of your aura. So, what are you giving off electromagnetically? And we’re going to take one day 1, day 10, and day 21 when you leave. Just for a baseline thing, and we’ll do the same thing with your blood. Also, the first day you’re there, you’re going to meet with your doctor and have a consult, the psychologist and have a consult, the dent and have an exam and a consult. I mean, day 1, we get a lot done there. And because we want a baseline. We want to know who showed up? What kind of addition? We’re going to have measurements. And so, then we can help you to progress along the way. And we do it again in 10 days, and we do it again before you leave.

3. What to expect

A Typical Day At Mountains Of Hope

Our typical day at Mountains of Hope, Monday through Friday, we meet around quarter to 7:00 in the morning in the yoga room, which is nice and warmed up and ready to go. And we just greet each other and we drink a little hot water with some lemon, and that’s how we start our day. And then we go into about 10 minutes of stretching, led by our physical fitness director, and our spiritual director. And so, we do about 10 minutes of stretching. And then we do about 10 minutes of breath work. And then we do maybe some sound healing, and then 10 minutes of meditation, and then about 10, 20 minutes of journaling. So, that’s our first hour of the day. What we’re trying to create… and by the way this is all fluid. People might say, “Hey, we’re really into this,” and we might say, “Okay, next day, we’re just going to do all stretching.” Or people say, “Hey, we really want to meditate.” So, it’s going to be fluid, and it’s going to be what serves the client the best, the student the best, how can we best serve.


But in an ideal situation, if you have a morning routine, you’re going to start your day so much more powerful than just what most people do? Well, Instagram, Facebook, blue light, bad for our health. We’re not conscious. We just wake up, we automatically grab our phone and off we go. And we want a morning routine that’s going to serve the body, mind, heart and soul. And we can shorten it to 10 minutes. So, let’s say you got busy when you get home, we want to tailor when you leave there a plan for your life, not for our life. So, you say, “Hey Mike, I got 10 minutes every morning.” Okay, we’re going to do 3 minutes of that, and 5 minutes of that. And we’re going to teach you a very unique journaling method that I use that that really allows you to access this higher consciousness and answers come to you. Life flows easier and better. So, that’s, that’s our beginning of the day.


Then from 8:00 to 9:00, we do a daily check in with a nurse or a doctor. We check your vitals. We see how you’re doing. And then you’re pretty much free. And prior to, I’m going to encourage people that this is over and above, but what I like to do is get up early in the morning when the sun is rising with just my bathing suit on, barefoot, go out to the labyrinth, and let the morning sun, that red light, that morning sun, that light that heals us that our cells resonate with. Photons come into our body, we’re light beings. And so, that light is so much more powerful than the light from a cell phone or an iPad. And so, and then we’re getting the vitamin D into our skin, and we’re grounding on the earth and we’re getting that electromagnetic field. That’s called power and energy. So, I encourage people to do that.


So, from 8:00 to 9:00, you just check your vitals, you’re free to go hiking. You’re free to do nothing. You’re free to meditate. You’re free to do journaling, what have you. For those that are eating, that of course will be their breakfast. For those that are juicing, that’s when they get their juice. And then we assemble in the meeting room from 9:00 to 10:00. I will present whatever we’re want to study that particular morning. And then people are free from 10:00 to 7:00, so they can hang out in the pool. They can hang out in their room. They can play beach volleyball. They can play pickleball. They can go Kava colonic. They can go do an infrared sauna. They can do a cold-water plunge. They can get an IV. I mean, there’s going to be a schedule, we’re going to have these scheduled events for you. For your schedule, that’s for your day, “Hey, I want to get a colonic here and I want to do this, and I want to get a massage.” Or maybe you’re part of the myofascial release therapy program, that’s 3 hours a day right there.


So, the beauty of this, I just did this detox in Sedona, I mentioned. And here’s what happened to me. Going great, my energy is through the roof, feeling great. But about 4 or 5 o’clock, I’m bored silly. And I was one of the guys going off premises and doing 3 hours a mile faster release. At least I got a little break. So, in my thinking, my mind, I’m building a retreat that I know that works for me. And I think if it works for me, it’s going to work for the majority. And but it’s very flexible. And if you’re tired, you go to your room and you relax.


And gardening, we’re growing 30, 40. Some people just love to go out and garden. You talk about being present, you’re talking about calming this and freeing this, go out and work in the soil and pick the juice we’re going to go make for you in 5 minutes. You’re going to get a sense of nature and who you are in life that many people never had or haven’t had since we were kids. And that’s the beauty of Mountains of Hope.


So, then we gather again at 7 o’clock for a Q&A of whatever subject we’re studying that day. We end the day with a beautiful meditation that’s conducive to sleep and to manifestation and to healing. And we share as a group, and we have a morning check in as a group, and a nightly check in, and we’re there to love and support each other in whatever our desires and our goals are for that 3 weeks.

4. Graduation

Celebrating Your Successes and Journey

So, after 3 weeks, what happens when it’s time to go? First of all, that last Saturday night, we have one heck of a graduation party ceremony. You did it. Congratulations. You went through these 21 days of transformation. And believe me, it’s not easy. And like I said earlier, it’s not for everybody. This is for people that are serious about taking their life, their health to another level of excellence and healing. So, we’re going to have one heck of a party, one heck of a celebration.

So, but some people might say, “Hey, medicine here or dental work here, Mike, in Colombia is 50 to 70% less. Can we just stay here and Mountains of Hope? And can you work with us and help us to go see a doctor about this, perhaps a knee replacement, perhaps some stem cell therapy, perhaps some plastic surgery?” And so, people are welcome to stay there. It’s very affordable to stay extra nights. Okay, we’re not going to have a big program. We’re not going to have big staff. But we will serve you and accommodate you if you want to stay and go explore other medical alternative healing in Colombia. That’s number 1.

Number 2, you might just want to stay and recuperate from what you just went through. For people that really are dealing with serious issues, hey, if you can stay there for another week or 2, stay there. I’m telling you, like I said earlier, if you can’t heal at Mountains of Hope, the energy there is just so powerful. So, stay, and it’s very affordable at that point, with great food, great plant-based food and great energy. So, we’ll accommodate that.

And somebody might say, “Hey, I want to do the retreat again.” And so, that might be available to some people, depending on your situation. So, a lot of things happen to you’re done. And more importantly, see, we’re going to follow you. You’re part of our community now. You’re our tribe. So, we want to stay in touch. We want to support you. We want to know what’s going on. And we want to know, the results. The other beautiful thing of this is we’re only going to have him 150 people a year initially, but after 5 years, that’s 750 people data, came here, stage 4 prostate, “How are you doing?” Came here with breast cancer, “How are you doing?” Came here with diabetes, came here depressed, came here with an addiction problem, “Just came here wanting to feel better and go create the life of my dreams, but I didn’t have the energy. I was in a rut. I had all this toxicity. And I just couldn’t move.” So, we’re going to create data. And that’s going to be extremely powerful going forward.

So, that’s pretty much what happens. And we’re just so excited about this, what we’re building there. And now, we just got to cross all our t’s, dot our i’s, get good feedback. And hopefully, we’ll see you guys next year in 2022 to live the life of your dreams

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